Farmset delivers training to PNGFRI’s seven grounds people:  From Left Michael Lovave Theo Tuiwain, , Taikone Embe, Klain Yatu, Merv Stephens, Paul Kaike, Dr Martin Golman, Hemmy Yossam, Jackol Anga.


Much of what has been achieved in the gardens recently is largely thanks to our generous business sponsors from the local Lae community and around PNG. The momentum of the program and the enthusiasm of businesses to get involved has been very humbling and is a testament to what can be achieved when businesses collaborate with Government organisations for the benefit of the community.

The National Botanic Gardens (Lae) Advancement Program is always looking for further sponsorship and participation in the gardens, there is no contribution too small or too large, we would be happy to discuss what you can offer at any time and always welcome you to see the gardens in person with a member of our team to discuss what you might be able to offer.

Examples of previous sponsorship includes;

  • In-kind donations of equipment, materials, tools for gardens upkeep
  • Labour, machinery and expertise for infrastructure upgrade such as roads, structures, staircase, car parks, toilet blocks
  • Engagement of suppliers for work on the gardens e.g. Landscape Architects for the design of the 5 new gardens.
  • Provision of food and event support for the gardens
  • Strategic advice and assistance for the future direction of the gardens.

If you would like to get involved as a Sponsor, please contact FRI to arrange a meeting.

Mr. Michael Lovave
Phone:    (675) 472 4188