Lae National Botanic Gardens welcome Friends on Wednesdays

The National Botanic Garden (LAE) Advancement Program is progressing well. The seven grounds people are now in uniform and well equipped with safety gear and tools and equipment to clean up the Gardens. The Forest Research Institute and Friends of the Lae Botanic Gardens would like to thank Lae’s business community including Bishops, Farmset and a long term and respected resident of Lae – Fred Cook – for equipping their workers to deliver the program.

The Forest Research Institute continues to recognise the important role the outdoors and particularly the natural environment fulfils for community members’ life and would like to make available opportunities for community to join the Friends of the Lae Botanic Gardens and participate in the Advancement Program. The Gardens will now be open to Friends on Wednesday mornings from 9.30am until midday for members to bring their tools, energy and commitment to participate in the Program.

In addition to fulfilling other aspects of the Program, PNG’s Forest Research Institute in partnership with Friends of the Lae Botanic Gardens continue to seek support from businesses, community organisations, government and the broader community to help implement the program. For more information please contact Michael Lovave at the PNG Forest Research Institute on 472 1041 or 472 4188.