Four World Class Gardens for Lae – Get involved now!

Current and past residents of Lae often speak about their fond memories of spending time in the Lae National Botanic Gardens with family and friends. Friends of the LAE National Botanic Gardens are now working to put in place the necessary infrastructure and facilities to reopen the gardens to the public this year. The first steps of the National Botanic Gardens (LAE) Advancement Program is to deliver improved security and re-open the gardens to the public.

The Four Gardens Initiative plans to deliver four world class, native themed, public gardens adjacent to the Milford Haven roadside of the Botanic Gardens this year. Each garden will be designed by award winning designers and delivered with supporting visitor facilities including picnic tables, BBQ facilities, shelters and other features for business, friends and families to enjoy.

The Advancement Program is already starting to receive support from the Lae business community including communication support through the Lae Chamber of Commerce, servicing of equipment though Farmset and the supply of safety equipment and other tools through Bishop Brothers Lae.

Friends of the Botanic Garden LAE are now inviting business, community, individuals and government organisations to strengthen the delivery of the Advance Program and get involved in the delivery of the Four Gardens Initiative. If you are interested in becoming a partner and/or participant in this initiative or require more information please contact Michael Lovave on email: mlovave@fri.pngfa.gov.pg or phone: 472 1041 or 472 4188.


Figure 1 Example of a world class design by Garden City Design Co – due to be delivered in Cairns by the end of 2015.