First established in 1949, the National Botanic Gardens in Lae play an essential role, acting as the centre of botanical research, conservation and education and recreation for the residents of Lae and people of Papua New Guinea.

The current gardens cover an area of approximately 56 hectares. The Gardens were revived and reopened in late 2015 as part of the Lae National Botanic Garden Advancement Program.

After many years of closure to the public, The Lae National Botanic Garden was recently reopened after a wonderful effort was made by Friends of the Lae Botanic Gardens (FOLBG), PNG Forest Research Institute and some 24 Business sponsors to revive the gardens as part of the Lae National Botanic Garden Advancement Program.



KUGL-logoRestoring and maintaining the Lae National Botanic Gardens is a huge job. The core team of staff and garden workers could always use a helping hand.

The Forest Research Institute welcomes interested individuals and businesses who would like to get involved through sponsorship of the gardens or participating in the gardens volunteer program.

There are many options for those individuals, groups or organisations looking to get involved. Click through to learn how you can get involved with this excellent initiative.



The Lae National Botanic Gardens is now open to the Public and also available for event and group hire by contacting FRI.
Best entry for individuals is at the guard house off Milford Haven Road where you can pay your fee and enter between the opening hours listed.

Opening Hours

Mon – Fri  9 am – 4 pm
Sat – Sun  9 am – 4:40pm

Entry Fees

Adult  K5
Student  K2
Child  K1
Infant  FREE

The National Botanic Gardens (Lae) Advancement Program, to be delivered over a five to ten year timeframe, aims to strengthen the operations of the current Gardens and deliver new initiatives to enhance Papua New Guinea’s and the broader Morobe Province’s capacity in natural resource management and showcase these natural assets to the world.

The Program’s objectives are:

  • To improve public use of the National Botanic Gardens (LAE) through upgraded public grounds, infrastructure and security facilities;
  • To deliver education programs, providing knowledge to current and future generations about the importance of PNG’s natural assets for cultural, economic, environmental and social purposes;
  • To improve the sustainability of the National Botanic Gardens, providing services to strengthen the economic livelihoods of current and future generations.



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